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Although we are a 'Not for Profit' Organisation we must charge for our labour and expertise so that we can go on providing the very best service to our clients. Our status as a 'Not for Profit' Organisation is under constant scruitiny and we always endeavour to be open and honest in our dealings with members and clients.

Transport Costs

The cost of freighting your clip to A.M.M.O. Ltd will be initially paid by us. This amount will later be charged back to you when your fibre is sold. You will only pay the actual cost involved. Of course if you organise your own transport to take fibre to a receival centre, you may have to pay this company up-front.

Classing Charges and the Guidelines under which they are applied.


 This nil charge applies to mohair clips that have been classed to industry requirements and have a detailed classers specification completed .

GUIDELINES: The majority of the clip must contain straight bale lines and remaining bales must be bulk classed and contain no more than 3-4 lines per bale.

NOTE: Lines must not require any re-classing or skirting.

"B" CHARGE (5¢/KG)

The “B” charge applies to clips that have been classed to the required industry standard and must also have a detailed classers specification completed .

GUIDELINES: Clips should contain a significant proportion of straight bales as well as bulk classed bales with no more than approx. 4 lines per bale.

NOTES: Clips must not need skirting or re-classing (i.e. lines should not need to be resorted in relation to fineness, length, kemp content, etc)due to being mixed.

"C" CHARGE (10¢/KG)

The “C” charge relates to clips that have been classed to the required industry standard.

GUIDELINES: These clips should contain bulk classed bales with up to 6 lines per bale as well as some straight bales. A classer’s specification should be provided by the producer with details of the bale contents.

"D" CHARGE (15¢/KG)

This charge relates to clips containing bulk classed bales or butts with up to 10 lines per bale. All lines should be classed to the required standard and a detailed specification sheet should be supplied. Lines should not require any re-classing or skirting.

"E" CHARGE (25¢/KG)

This charge applies to clips with many small layers, which by their very nature are more time consuming to re-sort. This charge may also apply to clips that may have met some of the criteria of the preceeding categories, but due to sub-standard preparation, still require futher work.

"F" CHARGE (40¢/KG)

All individually bagged, skirted fleeces, also poorly prepared mixed bulked fleece lines or straight bales.

"G" CHARGE (55¢/KG)

This charge applies to un-skirted bagged individual fleeces. – You should try to prepare your mohair as best as you can on-farm to avoid this maximum classing charge. Unskirted fleeces take much longer to sort and require much more intense scrutiny so must necessarily attract this higher charge.

Other Charges

HANDLING Member: (75¢/KG) Non-Member: (85¢/KG)

This charge covers Warehousing & Insurance of your mohair.


NCV Fibre is fibre determined to have No Commercial Value by our classers. As this fibre cannot be economically processed or in some cases canot be processed at all, we are left to dispose of this type of fibre when in comes in consignments and hence the charge. If you are consigning fibre that is multi faulted or you have doubts concernings its quality, please contact the office prior to consigning.

COMMISSION (5% of gross $ sale proceeds)

This is our commission for marketing your fibre and covers such things as auction expenses, wages and services like electricity and telephone and auction room hire. It also covers the cost of laying out the bales and re-packing after the sale for pre-sale viewing by buyers. 


In order to be able to pay producers in a timely fashion, AMMO Ltd prefers to pay producers by direct deposit to a nomnated account with an Australian financial institution. Payments by cheque will therefore be subject to a $5.00 charge per cheque payment. Clients can advise AMMO of their bank account details up to the date of the sale in writing only. Contact the office for more information.


You do not have to be a member to consign fibre to us. Membership of the Australian Mohair Marketing Organisation costs $44.00 (incl GST) initially and $33.00 per annum thereafter. Membership entitles the producer to a 10c/per kg reduction in handling fees and a bi-annual newsletter, as well as the 10 cents per kilogram reduction in Handling fees.


Remember: You do not have to be a member to consign fibre to us.


* Please Note: GST of 10% will be added to all charges quoted above (except Membership which has already been quoted inclusive of GST).


Costs are minimised to cover actual cost of classing, consignment, insurance and sale. All selling costs are declared and not incorporated within a company infrastructure.


All information on charges correct at the time of writing.

For more detailed information on our charges please contact our office.


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