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Our Sale Process

A.M.M.O. Ltd has regular scheduled selling seasons, but reserves the right to cancel or postpone a sale (only under extenuating circumstances), if the current market climate is unfavourable. The advertised date of the close of receivals for any selling season is the date the fibre must be at the depot or receival centre – not the date that the fibre must be with us here in Narrandera.

After this date, the fibre is collected from the receival centres and transport depots, and delivered to our complex in Narrandera where classing is completed. This can take up to 3 – 4 weeks.

The classed fibre is then pressed into bales, and these bales are sorted by type into lots for sale. All lines are tested, and sold with either full AWTA certificates or full guidance test results. These results, which take an additional 3 to 7 days to produce by the Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA), are included in the catalogue distributed to buyers up to a week prior to the sale.


Larger producers with single bale lots can have their fibre tested and sold under their own brand name as a separate lot to the pooled fibre but A.M.M.O. Ltd must be advised of a wish to take up this option prior to consignment to allow for separate handling and storage of Producer Lots.
The fibre in these lots will still be re-sorted to ensure trueness to type and micron and charges levied appropriately. This method of selling is not preferred however, as producer lots can tend to make less money than pooled fibre of the same description. For more information click here.


A sale is conducted via an auction process, where buyers travel to Narrandera to view bales displayed in a traditional manner and/or using lot samples prior to the commencement of the sale. Once the auction is completed and invoices issued, buyers then have 14 days from the date of the invoice to make payment. This is why our payment date is up to 7 weeks after the close of receivals. Virtually all fibre is now sold via the auction process, but in the past some bales of poorer quality fibre have been sold by private treaty during the sale period, and prices obtained for these bales are averaged with the price achieved for the remainder of that line at auction. (There is usually not a great deal of difference in prices, and this can have a positive affect on the price eventually paid out).


After all payments are received from the buyers, you will be paid by either cheque or direct credit to a nominated account. The direct credit method is the preferred method of payment and producers who select this option can expect to receive their payments in a more timely fashion. Direct credit can be made to bank, building society or credit union accounts.


Each producer is sent a copy of their account sale and a newsletter (members receive a newsletter even if they do not have fibre in this sale. Non members can pay a nominal subscription to the newsletter and also receive all four annually.). The account sale lists details such as the season to which the grower’s proceeds are relevant, the Producer’s details and trading name, also the breakdown of all types sold, and prices realised at the sale. The charges are listed, and deducted from the gross sale proceeds with the net return shown including GST where applicable. The current newsletter is issued to keep producers up to date with local and international market trends and A.M.M.O. Ltd news.

What about the GST?

Producers need to let us know if they have an A.B.N. and are registered for the GST. If so, then GST of 10% will be added to the prices paid by the buyers. Producers who have been approved as “Hobby Farmers” by the Australian Taxation Office need to complete a declaration to this affect and lodge it with AMMO, and the fibre from these growers is sold without the GST added. This does not disadvantage registered producers, as all bids will be made exclusive of the GST and any GST paid can be claimed by buyers as Input Tax Credits. Everyone must pay GST on our charges (including freight), however. This cannot be avoided.

For more detailed information on our sale process please contact our office.


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