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Proposed Sale Seasons for 2023

A2023 Closing Date: End of March 2023
Auction Date: 26th May 2023

B2023 Closing Date: Until October 9th, 2023
Auction Date: 24th November 2023

Closing dates are the dates your mohair needs to be with any of our receival centres or our Narrandera Complex if delivering direct. Payment dates are generally two weeks after the sale date and we sendeavour to have posted or credited your payment as near as possible to that date. Whilst we attempt to strictly adhere to these dates, delays sometimes occur when our buyers experience delays in the chain of purchase.

No consignments can be accepted after the advertised date, however consignments received after the closing date are placed into the following season and consignees are advised and eligible for payment of the advance if requested.

Please note that payments by cheque will attract a $5 cheque issue fee. If you have not supplied your bank account details, please contact the office as soon as possible to avoid paying this fee in the future.

Payments cannot be made to third party accounts!

Advance Payments

AMMO Ltd is committed to supporting the producer and as part of this commitment we are now offering advance payments for all consignments delivered to receival centres prior to the closing date for a sale.   This payment may help defray the cost of shearing the animals or be useful to maintain farm cash flow. It is intended that this incentive will help to more evenly distribute receivals in a period rather than have the bulk of the fibre for a particular sale received in the last four weeks prior to cut-off.   A payment of $5/kg on the gross weight delivered, will be made to producers who request the advance. And a further $5/kg on h tenet weight after your clip is classed. Payment will be made either by cheque or direct payment in accordance with the producer’s existing payment instructions. The Advance payment will subsequently be deducted from sale proceeds when fibre is sold.

NOTE : Any advance payment made is subject to consigned fibre being of sufficient quality to be suitable for sale and in the event that your fibre fails to reach this quality when classed or inspected, and the fibre is not sold or sold for less than the advance amount, you will be required to refund the full amount of the advance or any balance.

For more detailed information on closing dates please contact our office.


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