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Packing Fibre for Consignment

  1. It is preferred that ALL mohair be packed in NEW standard sized wool packs. Clean and undamaged good quality second hand woolpacks are a suitable alternative.

  2. If small quantities are to be packed, heavy-duty garbage bags can be used, placed inside wool packs, but ideally lines should be separated by newspaper.

  3. The use of damaged or old bags is to be avoided at all times as this poses a very real contamination risk.

  4. As all mohair consigned to the store is either re-classed or re-handled, and then pooled for sale, there is NO minimum weight requirement for bales or consignments.

  5. Maximum weight per bale ideally should not exceed 204 kg’s.

  6. To reduce freight costs, all consignments should be consolidated as much as possible e.g. if large quantities of individual small or large bags are to be consigned, then these bags should be packed within wool packs.

  7. ALL bales should be clearly marked on one top flap with the producers Name and Postal Address. For established clients either their Stud name or property name could be substituted for the producer's surname. Bales should be addressed to A.M.M.O., Narrandera.

Bales should be numbered when the clip comprises more than one bale.


In addition to bale numbers, all classed bales should have the description/descriptions of the bale’s contents clearly marked on the outside of the bale/bales i.e. (on AWEX labels where applicable or on one top flap only).


Bulk classed bales with many layers/descriptions only need to be numbered. The contents of these bales should be listed in order from top to bottom of each bale and clearly defined on the consignment note. The consignment note should be either forwarded with the consignment by sealing in the first bale under both top flaps, or by post, fax or email prior to shipment of the consignment.


To ensure your mohair reaches our store in a timely fashion, your clip should be consigned either directly to Narrandera or you’re nearest receival point as soon as possible after on farm classing has been completed.
A steady flow of Mohair into the store throughout the season expedites both sorting and the payment of growers proceeds, and reduces the risk of contamination by pest, which can occur, with long periods of on-farm storage.

For more detailed information on packing fibre for consignment please contact our office.


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