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Receival Depots and Transport Centres

AMMO ltd has been working hard to maintain a network of centres where you can take your mohair for delivery to us. Be sure to label all bales with your surname and property name before consigning.

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Management Memo About Receivals

As a result of storage constraints (i.e. available space) due to the setting out of bales traditionally displayed prior to auction, the we ask that whenever possible, producers not consign or drop off bales for the next sale in the week prior to, or immediately following, the current auction date. This is to allow staff time to arrange bales for shipment according to the buyer, and to reorganise the warehouse back to its operating configuration after the sale, before commencing to receive and class fibre for the next sale. We trust this does not cause any significant inconvenience to producers, and whilst we are always ready to negotiate delivery dates should the need arise, we ask that you consider this 2 week period when organising to deliver or consign fibre to the Narrandera NSW warehouse. This should make movement and organisation around the warehouse much easier in the future. Craig Clancy Warehouse Manager

For more detailed information about receival centres please contact our office.


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PO Box 16, Narrandera, NSW 2700


68 River St. Narrandera, NSW 2700